Body Cleansing

4th-10th February 2020 

Give your body a holiday with this retreat, designed utilizing healing food and spa treatments to eliminate toxins from your body and spring clean your gut. In addition to aiding physical rejuvenation, holistic approaches including yoga, breathing techniques and spa treatments will provide you with mental cleansing for improved energy and clarity.


Give yourself a well-deserved break

In this Retreat

Nurture Your Mind Body & Soul 

  • 6 Nights Accommodation

  • All organic plant based meals and drinks

  • Daily morning/evening yoga and meditation classes 

  • Grounding exercises and cleansing affirmation, visualization, and breathing techniques

  • 1 Abhyanga massage with Ayurvedic oil specific to your body type

  • Activation of mama points to awaken your enthusiasm for life

  • 2 steam baths and forest bathing to awaken the body’s five senses 

  • Ayurvedic reflexology walking treatment 

  • Treatments including shirodhara, DIY dry brushing, and crystal healing to improve purification of the body and mind 

  • Pidurangala Rock excursion (sunrise and sunset hike)

  • Opening and closing ceremony