Detox & Yoga

10th  - 12th January 2020

This program is intended to cleanse and heal the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. This includes removing growths, healing tissues, restoring the shape and tone of the intestines to their natural form, as well as the environment of the intestinal tract to bring it back to its proper balance. 

This removes excess mucus buildups and generally removing and rebuilding diseased tissue throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

We have a 2-hour class in the morning, and then a 1.5-hour class in the evening to support cleansing, boosting your attitude and feeding the soul.

Each class will focus on different aspects of the detox retreat and the yoga will follow the journey of your detox, ebbing and flowing with your energy levels and moods.

The first three days of this course will be normal yoga and meditation with normal food, then your fasting will begin from the 4th day.

During the fast, you can drink diluted juices, herbal teas, and vegetable broths. This course also combines abdominal massage, breathing exercises to loosen the diaphragm area, plenty of support, nurturing/relaxation, and enjoyment.

In this Retreat

Nurture Your Mind Body & Soul 

• 2 nights accommodation

• All organic plant based meals & Drinks (Intermittent fasting included)

• Daily morning yoga (60 mins)

• Daily evening yoga (60 mins)

• Daily morning & Evening guided meditation (30 mins each)

• Grounding exercise

• 1 Ayurvedic massage

• 15 mins herbal steam baths

• Ayurvedic reflexology walk

• Naturopathy detoxification

• Excursion to see sunrise at Pidurangala Rock

• Opening Ceremony

• Closing Ceremony

• Forest bathing

• Breathing techniques to reach deep within you

• Affirmation and visualization techniques

• Letting go fire ceremony & Moon ritual

use of crystals

•  Chakra blessing 

• Laughter therapy

• Daily workshops on aligning your inner power, manifesting your desired path, choosing your goddess mantras, harnessing your intuition