1st - 3rd August 2020

Ayurvedic cuisine is based on a 5000 year vedic holistic body and mind healing system. Ayurveda translates to “science of life” and treats people as individuals, meaning there is not just one lifestyle or diet that works for everyone. Learn how to cook for your body type to improve health and eliminate illnesses. Enhance your well-being further with yoga and mediation. Be energized, relaxed and motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. You will live a transformative experience!

Diet is a vital component to a balanced lifestyle and we apply a holistic approach to our cooking retreats combining Sri Lankan cooking, Ayurveda cooking, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda massages. Learn to art of making delicious easy to cook healthy food for your body type that will transform your health.  Explore the Dambulla market and grasp how to buy fresh vegetables and to pick your own vegetables from our garden. Master the craft of mixing herbs and spices in your cooking to enhance your well-being.

We believe in sustainable food and drink production that works in harmony with the environment. Let us take you to the organic farms to rediscover the earthy elements of food.

Eat your way to better health

In this Retreat

Nurture Your Mind Body & Soul 

• 2 nights accommodation

• All organic vegetarian meals & Juices as per your dosha (Body Type)

• Daily morning yoga (75 mins)

• Daily evening yoga (60 mins)

• Daily morning & Evening guided meditation (30 mins each)

• Grounding exercise

• 1 abhyanga massage with Ayurvedic oil specific to your body type

• Shirodhara to open the 3rd eye

• 2 x Steam baths

• Ayurvedic reflexology walk

• Hike to Pidurangala Rock to see magnificent sunset

• Opening Ceremony

• Closing Ceremony

• DIY Dry brushing

• Forest bathing

• Use of crystals to cleanse the body

• Breathing techniques to reach deep within you

• Affirmation and visualization techniques

• Laughter therapy
• Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop